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      The River Wye enters the Bay of Glocester, an inlet of the Bay of Matchedash, itself an inlet of the vast Georgian Bay of Lake Huron. Retrace the track of two centuries and more, and ascend this little stream in the summer of the year 1648. Your vessel is a birch canoe, and your conductor a Huron Indian. On the right hand and on the left, gloomy and silent, rise the primeval woods; but you have advanced scarcely half a league when the scene is changed, and cultivated fields, planted chiefly with maize, extend far along the bank, and back to the distant verge of the forest. Before you opens the small lake from which the stream issues; and on your left, a stone's throw from the shore, rises a range of palisades and bastioned walls, inclosing a number of buildings. Your 362 canoe enters a canal or ditch immediately above them, and you land at the Mission, or Residence, or Fort of Sainte Marie.

      [2] Lettres de Garnier, MSS. It was of upright pickets, ten feet high, with flanking towers at two angles.

      [14] Jogues in Tanner, Societas Militans, 519; Bressani, 216; Lalemant, Relation, 1647, 25, 26; Buteux, Narr, MS.; Jogues, Notice sur Ren Goupil.VIII.

      "Followers of Ribaut, Viceroy of the King of France," answered the swimmer.Yes, said Acestor, and loin the midst of the rejoicings came evil signs and omens. What did men whisper in each others ears? Socrates good spirit had predicted evilthe soothsayers, and the oracle of Ammon foretold terrible thingsa man mutilated himself on the altar of the twelve godsand ravens had pecked the golden fruits on the bronze palm-tree at Delphi.

      "No, no! ah, no-no-no! There's a crime awaiting you, but not that! Oh, no, you are no such fool!"

      The enfeebled Charlie half started from his rocking-chair laughing angrily. "Incredible!" he cried, but sat mute as the girl's swift tongue told the half-dozen other dreadful things she had just beheld on either side the water. The sister and grandmother sprang into the balcony and stood astounded. Out of the narrow streets beneath them--Chartres, Cond, St. Peter, St. Ann, Cathedral Alley--scores and scores of rapidly walking men and women and scampering boys and girls streamed round and through the old Square by every practicable way and out upon the levee.


      Soon after the curtain at the door was pushed aside and Myrtale entered, followed by the old housekeeper. She held a glass cup in her hands and seemed to have eyes only for her sick father. The physician poured a few drops from a little flask into the smoking potion, and Simonides drank a few mouthfuls. How it revives me! he said, while Myrtale was straightening the embroidered pillows under his head and shoulders. Are those lamps which shine so? It seems as though I saw the sun in the midst of the night."Here's Captain Irby!" cried Mrs. Callender--Constance--half a dozen, but--



      [8] Relation des Hurons, 1636, 116.